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In Donetsk National Medical University there are 59 clinical departments which are working under DNMU and students get their clinical and practical training at these departments. Almost all clinical departments of DNMU are located in different hospitals of city of Donetsk and most of the hospitals are located at the campus of the Donetsk National Medical University. Students have complete rights to use the clinical labs of all the hospitals. Laboratories are well equipped with all modern facilities and equipments. .


The list of Clinical departments are as follows:

  1. Department of obstetrics and gynecology № 1
  2. Department of obstetrics, gynecology and perintology of ENT
  3. Department of obstetrics, gynecology № 2
  4. Department of anesthesiology and intensive therapy
  5. Department of anesthesiology, intensive therapy, medicine of urgent conditions and laboratory diagnostics for ENT
  6. Department of internal medicine it. A.Y.Gubergritsa
  7. Department of internal medicine № 1
  8. Department of internal medicine № 2
  9. Department of internal illnesses and the general practice of family medicine
  10. Department of eye diseases and ENT
  11. Department of Dermatovenerology
  12. Department Dermatovenerology and cosmetology
  13. Department of children’s and general neurology
  14. Department of children’s surgery, anesthesiology and intensive therapy
  15. Department of infectious diseases
  16. Department of clinical immunology, allergology and endocrinology
  17. Department of clinical pharmacology, clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy
  18. Department Combustiology and plastic surgery
  19. Department of neurology and medical genetics
  20. Department of neurosurgery and otoneurology
  21. Department Neonatology
  22. Department of the general practice, family medicine
  23. Department of general dentistry
  24. Department of the general surgery
  25. Department of the general surgery and surgical diseases of dentistry faculty
  26. Department of oncology
  27. Department of oncology and radiology
  28. Department of orthopedic dentistry
  29. Department Otorinolaringology
  30. Department Otorinolaringology of personnels
  31. Department of ophthalmology
  32. Department of pediatrics and children’s infectious diseases
  33. Department of pediatrics
  34. Department of pediatrics № 1
  35. Department of pediatrics № 2
  36. Department of propaedeutics of internal and general practice of family medicine
  37. Department of propaedeutic and internal medicine
  38. Department of propaedeutic pediatrics
  39. Department of propaedeutic dentistry
  40. Department of professional diseases and radiating medicine
  41. Department of psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology
  42. Department of psychiatry, psychotherapy, medical psychology and narcology
  43. Department of radiology
  44. Department of dentistry of children’s
  45. Department of dentistry of children’s age under PG faculty
  46. Department of dentistry of Postgraduate Faculty
  47. Department of forensic medicine and the medical legislation
  48. Department of therapeutic dentistry
  49. Department of traumatology, orthopedy and surgery of extreme situations of postgraduate faculty
  50. Department of urology
  51. Department of urology of Postgraduate faculty
  52. Department of physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, sports and nonconventional medicine
  53. Department of phythisiology and pulmonology
  54. Department of surgery
  55. Department of surgery V.M.Bogoslavskogo
  56. Department of surgery Ovnatanyana K.T.
  57. Department of surgical diseases № 1 of Postgradute Faculty
  58. Department of surgical diseases № 2 of Postgradute Faculty
  59. Department of surgical Dentistry
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Mariupol, Ukraine